KEBA KeContact P30 b-series charging wallbox for EV

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KEBA KeContact P30 b-series charging wallbox for EV
Single or three-phase, up to 22kW output (32 A), Type 2, 6m cable

With KEBA  KeContact P30 series charging stations electric vehicles can be fully-charged as quick as possible and therefore achieves the maximum range. Charging is extremely simple and reliable and is possible for all electric vehicles. To do this, you need to select a suitable product variant:
- e-series is the entry-level variant for simple, cost-optimised charging with an output of up to 7,4kW.
- b-series offers user authorisations and a charging capacity of up to 22 kW for faster charging.
- c-series offers MID-certified meter, intelligently controlled charging, as well as integration into the Smart Home.
- x-series are optimally realized comprehensive e-mobility solutions such as local load management.

Optimization of your own consumption in the smart home
KEBA KeContact P30 wallbox series is ideally equipped for the smart home of the future. Your wallbox can be controlled easily and status information can be retrieved via user data protocol (UDP). For example, the maximum permissible amount of electrical charge for your electric vehicle can be regulated based on a photovoltaic system, battery storage unit or heat pump.

User authorization
Series wallboxes also offers different options for identification and authorization. If you live in an apartment building, it makes sense to equip your wallbox with a key switch or a contactless card (RFID) for authorization so that only authorized persons can use the charging station.

Protection against overloading of the homes electrical connections
Meter data from your own meter that is on the house connection can be read using the Modbus TCP protocol. The wallbox can therefore control the charge power of the electric vehicle depending on the current consumption.

KEBA KeContact P30 b-series charging wallbox (22kW, type 2, 6m cable). Key technical data:

  • Charge mode - Mode 3 in accordance with IEC 61851-1, AC charging
  • Rated supply voltage (Europe) - 3 x 230 V / 400 V
  • Rated current (configurable) - 10 A / 13 A / 16 A / 20 A / 25 A / 32 A, 1-phase or 3-phase
  • Degree of protection - IP54 / IK08 (resists rain and shocks)
  • Internal consumption: Idling - 3 W; plugged in - 4,5 W; charging - 6.5 W
  • Grid configurations - TN / TT / IT
  • Socket / Cable version - Type 2, 32 A / 400 V AC in accordance with EN 62196-1 and VDE-AR-E2623-2-2
  • DC leakage detection - Integrated residual DC fault current sensor (RDC-DD) > 6 mA
  • Temperature behavior - Automatic power reduction if overheating occurs
  • Authorization - RFID
  • Power monitoring
  • Enable input / Switch output
  • USB Interface - A, USB 2.0 (Hi-speed), max. 500mA
  • Ethernet Interface - RJ45 (can be updated to the last software version)
  • LED strip for status information
  • Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth) - 516 / 240 / 166 mm
  • Weight - 5 kg